Ecochamas Eco Coal is a product made from fine coal. Excellent to use in conventional grills, Gourmet, Fireplaces, Boilers and Pizza Oven.

* High Calorific Power 

* High combustion temperature

* Doesn’t produce  flame, smell or smoke.

* Does not burn the meat, making it tastier

* Contains no additives

* Non-carcinogenic product

* Keeps an uniform temperature

* Hygienic Product

* Replaces wood with great efficiency.

* Easy Handling

* Smaller storage space

* Standard sizes

* Does not damage ovens

* Reduction of environmental liabilities

* Totally recyclable, from the packaging until the final product. Their ashes became fertilizer



Tel:  +55 011 9 9639-9666
Email:  contato@carvaoecochamas.com.br

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Hours of Operation

Open Monday to Friday

7 am to 6 pm


Rua 6 JA , nº 58, Jardim América, Rio Claro , SP CEP 13506-030, Brasil